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End of the week

Tired and cold. I hadn't realised just how cold. Now it's confirmed the coldest September day in 20 years I see why I was struggling. I tried plugging the 2inch gap in the barn doors with cardboard and wearing snow boots, hat, parker and thermals.

I called it quits on Friday when I couldn't throw half frozen clay. At first I was trying to work out why my beautiful, soft bags of clay were suddenly so stiff and wedging and kneading was so difficult.

I felt like I hadn't done enough as I had a day off for my birthday. I'm very pleased with the work so far and have so much surface painting to do! Maybe I will have to sneak some work inside the house to paint.

The tea pots will need slow drying over some weeks to ensure even drying and avoid cracks. The tea pot lids have a little internal hook so they don't fall off when the pot is poured.

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