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About Felicity

Early Years

FeLicity's doesn't remember a time when she didn't create, make and invent. It is an integral part of her being. From her preschool years at home and formal learning, her strongest memories are of exploring, creating and making. Felicity's most precious pieces kept from those times are her paintings and pottery. 

With some years between exhibitions and public sales her work has never been far from her heart. The act of creating lies within every problem to be solved. Her artistic eye has been watching and waiting, motivating her to achieve goals and conquer mountains to find herself the peace, freedom and space to create.

The Beginning

Felicity was always keen to take up ceramics and pottery at every opportunity through early schooling, weekend classes and Secondary School. This place she was not a fan of but was fortunate to have ceramics as a high school 'elective'.
After taking a break from High School and experiencing fulltime work in fields that she had to pretend suited her, she continued with pottery classes and returned to formal study. She applied to do VCE at TAFE and struck gold with Kevin Boyd as her ceramic’s teacher. She was accepted to the course (without the prerequisite of a completed year 11) on presentation of her personal folio developed in some dark teenage years. 
This enabled her to successfully study a Bachelor of Arts in Prahran. This was an inspiring place to study Art. It also gave students a second degree in coffee, cake and unique shopping. She had the opportunity to have visiting lecturers, like Deborah Halpern and Mary-Lou Pittard who she has found very inspiring.
Her first studio was settled in the Foothills of the Dandenong Ranges. A perfect location in a supportive community. She sold work through a local gallery and filled international consignments from her graduate exhibition at "The Art Centre Westpac Gallery".
Having a family, some very unfortunate events and health crisis she had to move several times with some urgency. This had been difficult to keep all her studio contents and art work. Some pieces have been lost along the way and some of her studio equipment needs replacing. This is no easy task. What hasn't been lost is her skills, passion to create or memory.

Where to now?

What has been developed from many difficult years is resilience, confidence and self-belief.
Felicity has worked as a Primary School Teacher for 15 years to support her sons. She endeavoured to engage creative thinking in all her students, regardless of the subject matter being taught. She specialised in Art and Technology.
Felicity now works most of the time in her studio and studying web development, she has grand plans and a lifetime of inspiration to work with.
She is currently creating an inspirational body of work and hopes to share this at local open studios and will be looking further for exhibition space. Please contact the artist to discuss opportunities.

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