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Felicity Ceramics

Hi my name, Felicity, means happiness

Felicity Ceramics has settled its home in Bendigo, Central Victoria on an inspiring acreage teaming with life. 

I create my own unique works here which can be purchased in my online shop or at listed galleries or markets below.  I love to share my studio with pottery students and I am passionate to help everyone achieve their creative dreams.

Pottery Lessons

I am a passionate and experienced teacher.  I offer a fully equipped, professional pottery studio with five pottery wheels, a slab roller for sculpture and drape moulds, two kilns and a large variety of glazes and decorative techniques. 

I teach people at any stage from beginner to experienced, my lessons focus on your individual and skills and creativity.  Lessons commence in your own time ( as places become available) and where possible begin with a series of 5.  

My studio is in a restful 40 acre forest surrounded by wildlife and animals. 

Current Works

My  process is driven by the joy and freedom of a naïve approach. Inspired by the idyllic life I have created in order to heal, it narrates the fun and beauty of my animals and nature I share the land with. 

I focus on functional and decorative pieces created using earthenware and midfire clay bodies, underglaze and glazes. My studio is unique, as it operates from a fully off grid set up using only solar power to run my electric kiln and studio equipment.

Solar Powered Studio

Pottery Wheels looking out to the forest and farm

It couldn't be a more perfect time to move off grid and create a fully independent power supply for my studio and kiln. Yes I am firing my kiln using solar power. The joys of the sun in Central Victoria.

My next joy to be discovered and explored some more is the wonderful plastic terracotta style clay I have been digging up and begun test firing.

Will the fantasy of creating my own tiles become a reality? I do have the beautiful slab roller after all.


Bendigo Pride
Queer Country Exhibition Participant

Queer Country Art Exhibition Dates

10am-6pm @ Dudley House, 60 View Street


Friday 15th - Sunday 17th March

Thursday 21st - Sunday 24th March


Opening night Friday 15th March @ 6pm - 8pm


I am always looking for well visited exhibition space into the new year and I have a fabulous body of work in progress!

Contact me if you have a space in mind.

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Get in Touch

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