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A signature piece using a reoccurring motif which I have explored in paintings, drawings and sulptures for over 30 years. This haunting motif appears in reoccurring dreams. It is sure to bring intrigue into your life.

Each goblet is individually hand thrown and sculptured in two sections, in creamy white earthenware clay, hand painted in brightly coloured underglaze, finished all over with a super glossy non crazing clear glaze. While they have similar atributes, each goblet is unique in shape, decoration and dimensions. Inside goblet glazed with opalene white non crazing, non staining, food safe glaze.

H19.5cm x W18.2cm (total width including wings) Capacity 350ml for generous servings!

Signed and dated by the artist 2020. 

Goblet - Rocket

GST Included
  • Food safe clay and glaze. Dishwasher safe with care for protruding handles and avoid rubbing against other items. Avoid temperatue extremes from freezer to oven. Microwave reheating with care. 

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